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中级口译考试中需要强记的词组 2  

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应势而生come into existence as the situation requires

在职培训part-time training

专业方向professional emphasis

资格考试qualification test


The Economic Commission for Europe欧洲经济委员会

A world-wide reputation誉满全球

Conference center会议中心

The world Health Organization 世界卫生组织

International civil servants 国际事务公务员

International press center国际新闻中心

Works of art 艺术品

International trading center国际贸易中心

Rich cultural blend 丰富多彩的文化交融

Holiday resort 旅游胜地

Natural reserves 自然保护区

Feudal dynasty封建王朝

中国革命历史博物馆the Museum of the Chinese Revolution

一座历史丰碑a historical monument

快节奏的社会 fast-tempo society

专题展览exhibitions on special subject

实地考察on-the-spot investigation

经历了数千年的风吹雨打being beaten by elements for thousands of years

古典艺术精品classical art treasures

世界文化遗产World Cultural Heritage

紫禁城the Forbidden City

文物宝库a treasure house of cultural relics

私人收藏家personal collector

securities exchanges 证券交易所

stock exchanges股票交易所

systematic market process有组织的买卖过程

major corporation大公司

New York Stock Exchange 纽约证券交易所

Tax harmonization协调税收

Hot topic热门话题

European Union欧盟

Driving force推动力

Contemplate on the harmonization统一的期望

国际货币组织International Monetary Fund

国内需求domestic demand

经济全球化economic globalization

双边渠道bilateral channels

亚太经合组织Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

金融危机financial crisis

广泛关注arouse wide concern

国际社会international community

公正合理的国际经济新秩序a new and reasonable international economic order

从大局出发proceed from the whole situation

财政政策financial policy

共同繁荣common prosperity

贸易投资自由化trade and investment liberalization

日新月异progress with each passing day

知识经济knowledge economy

faulty members 教职工

subscribes to 订阅

journals and periodicals 杂志期刊

recreations and athletic facilities娱乐体育设施

arts department文科系

applied science应用科学

recipients of Nobel Prize诺贝尔奖金获得者

intellectual and personal qualities文化和个人素质

living expenses生活费

sense of community团队意识

成人教育学院continuing education school

仿真实验室simulation laboratory

教育部Ministry of Education

土木工程civil engineering

全国重点大学national key university

信息技术information technology

函授生correspondence student

外国留学生international student

教育展览会Education Exhibition

组委会organizing committee

主要内容main component

热点话题much-talked-about topic

共同关心的信息mutually concerned information

fresh water resource洁水资源

over the last couple of decades 在过去的二十年里

land available for farming适耕地

fresh water available可用清洁水

emerging economies 新兴经济

global warming 全球变暖

ecological crisis生态危机

path to prosperity通向繁荣之路

seize the opportunity抓住机遇

remarkable environmental progress引人注目的环境

垃圾处理garbage disposal

生活必需品the bare necessities of life

消费品consumer goods

消费习惯consuming habit

捕鱼量the volume of fishing

造纸业paper-making industry

木材储量timber reserves

森林覆盖面积forest-covering area

inward investment 对内投资


pay tribute to 表示敬意

subsidies and grants津贴和拨款

problem of terrorism恐怖主义问题

gave their lives to the highest calling将生命献给了最崇高的事业

target of terrorism恐怖主义的目标

intensified our effort 加强力量

bring to justice使归案受审

国际条约international treaties

世界知识产权组织World Intellectual Property Organization

私营部门the private sector

知识产权intellectual property

总干事Director Geneor

在进入新的千年之际at the threshold of the new millennium

成员国member countries

纲领性文件programmatic document

基本人权fundamental human rights

殖民枷锁colonialist shackles

任重道远the burden is heavy and the road is long

internet phone industry网络电话业

vast potential for future development广阔的发展前景

telephone sound quality电话音质

instantaneous transmission即时传输

GPS(Global Positioning System)全球卫星定位系统

Relay station中继站

Intelligent traffic management systems智能交通管理系统

分子生物学Molecular biology

能源综合利用comprehensive utilization of energy

认识科学cognitive science

生产力productive force

推动力量driving force

相对论the theory of relativity

行为科学behavior science

知识科学knowledge economy

新兴产业rising economy

层出不穷emerge one after another

科教兴国战略the strategy of economic development through science-technology and education

可持续发展sustainable development

试点工程pilot program

严峻挑战serious challenges

运行机制operational mechanism

中国科学院Chinese Academy of Sciences

综合国力the overall national strength

磁悬浮铁路magnetic suspended railway

root causes根本原因

juvenile crime bill青少年犯罪

idle talk闲聊

easy access to 轻易接近

zero tolerance绝不容忍

balanced budget 预算平衡

step up to its responsibilities 担负起责任

law enforcement professionals执法者

debit card提款卡

magnetic stripe磁条

parking meter停车计费表

personal identification number 密码

pull double duty具备双重功能

electronic versions电子交易

chip-enhanced versions加强性芯片

be hot for the idea热衷于这个主意

遥控器remote controller

无孔不入all pervasive

增强性能strengthen the property

减少故障to reduce the breakdown

原动力motive power

高架铁路aerial train

汽车废气的排放discharge of automobile exhaust fumes

毗邻而居be adjacent to

state-of-the art 最新型的,最优良的


ground-breaking 开拓性的,独创的

organizing committee组委会

innovative approach创新方法

marketing partner市场合作伙伴

a giant leap into the future走向未来的一次飞跃

cash for votes用钱拉选票

bribery scandal贿赂丑闻

草地网球lawn tennis

发球区service court

处于执牛耳的地位occupy a leading position


以全体运动员的名义in the name of all the athletes

借助不正当的手段resort to unjust means

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